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    Smart Lipo & Liposculpture Procedure Details

    Liposculpture is typically performed as an outpatient procedure, under general anesthesia. During liposculpture, Dr. Landsman will create tiny, strategically placed incisions in the treatment areas. He will then remove excess fat cells using a thin tube (called a cannula) and gentle suction. Initial recovery from liposculpture can take anywhere from one to two weeks. Side effects can include bruising, swelling and tenderness in the treatment area(s). Patients should avoid vigorous activities, including exercise, until cleared by Dr. Landsman.

    The results of liposculpture and SmartLipo are considered to be permanent. This is because once the fat cells are removed, they will not grow back. If a patient gains weight in the future, the results of the surgery will be jeopardized.  Patients are advised to maintain their weight and more attractive contour through healthy diet and exercise.

    To find out if liposculpture or SmartLipo can help you achieve the slimmer and sleeker body you desire, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Landsman. Contact his Smithtown, NY plastic surgery practice by calling today.

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