Li-Fi Solar Portable Mobile Lighting Tower-S3.0P

Li-Fi Solar Portable Mobile Lighting Tower-S3.0P



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    LiFi-S Solar Portable Mobile Lighting Tower includes 4 nos. to 10 Nos 150W DC Flood light, with 48V/ 72V/ 96V/ 120V solar powered battery bank system and mounted on trailer with outriggers and removable tongue. Our brand new design Solar Lighting Tower, designed and built in India represents energy efficiency at its finest.  it’s completely noiseless and throws out amazingly powerful light - a minimum 150w LED to be precise! Fully automated, trailer mounted and with an optional back up generator, the Solar Lighting Tower offers more light where you need it, simply and effectively.

    Product Specification:
    • Power (Watts): 1500W
    • Voltage (Volts): 120V DC
    • Driver Integrated: Yes
    • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
    • Tower Length: 12 Meter
    • Length: 8 Meter
    • Weight: 3000 KG
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