LED Flood Light - CANIS-Z-200W - 1 Quantity

LED Flood Light - CANIS-Z-200W - 1 Quantity



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    CANIS LED FLOOD LIGHT is an extremely flexible and versatile LED solution that ensure an excellent quality of light, targeted where is required, at the same time allows to decrease the hot spot and improve the light distribution onto different position for the playing field.
    1. Floodlight LED meet a variety of lighting needs across three different applications: architectural, areas lighting and signage. 2. For large interchanges or parking lots and an asymmetrical optical assembly for lighting straight sections of roadways From HID to LED, Lokozo continues to push Sports Lighting to new heights. Recognized for the highest quality and reliability in Sports lighting and area lighting applications, Lokozo offers a wide selection of styles to meet the lighting needs of different outdoor sports ground such as Cricket, Football, Tennis, Volleyball and so on.
    Product Specification
    • Power: 200
    • Lighting Color: Cool White
    • Wattage: 200
    • Lighting Type: LED
    • Beam angle: 10 D/20 D/30 D/45 D/60 D/90 D
    • Body Material: Aluminium


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