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Laser Hair Removal


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    Unwanted hair can be hard to maintain. Whether you end up plucking it, waxing it, or shaving it, it just keeps coming back. It is a never-ending cycle, which can frustrate many individuals. Thanks to technology, we now have the ability to rid our bodies of this unwanted hair for good with laser hair removal.

    Laser hair removal is offered by Dr. Lee. She is a board-certified dermatologist that can help patients seek relief from unwanted hair growth through this technologically advanced technique. Laser hair removal uses a specialized laser to target hair follicles to remove hair quickly, permanently, and effectively.

    All areas of the body can be treated with laser hair removal. The most common requests are for hair on the face or on the legs. However, many can enjoy unwanted hair removal from their back, chest, and even bikini lines. All the devices in Dr. Lee’s office are FDA-approved and completely safe for hair reduction.

    Several treatments are necessary in order to obtain the best results. This is due to the fact that our hair grows in cycles. During one treatment, not all cycles of hair growth will be targeted, since some may be dormant. By completing several sessions over a number of months, patients will then experience the best, promised results. In addition, it is always a good idea to have maintenance treatments every year or two to target any new hair follicle growth that may occur. However, if you’re constantly paying for waxes, razors, and depilatory creams, this is a minor investment in saving you from day-to-day grooming expenses.

    Here at the Skin and Laser Treatment Institute, we are always searching for the latest innovation to save you time and provide the best results. That’s why we’re proud to say we are the first practice in the area to offer patients the Soprano Ice Platinum laser for hair removal. This is considered the most advanced solution available. It comes with the first 3-in-1 applicator to provide effective results for all colors and types of hair. Afraid your dark and coarse body hair won’t respond to laser hair removal? Don’t be, the Soprano Ice Platinum has you covered. No longer will the time of year affect when you can get a hair removal treatment either, as this is effective on even tanned skin. We also love the Soprano Ice Platinum for the speed of treatment. Your appointment time for treatment just got even shorter! This laser works for hair removal on any part of the body, including the ears, nostrils, and bikini line.

    If you’re also hesitant to receive laser hair removal out of anxiety about pain, don’t be! The Soprano Ice Platinum uses the Alma Laser’s SHR method. This is the only clinically proven method that is practically painless. The combination of heating and cooling elements ensures that the surrounding tissue to the hair follicle avoids injury and pain is avoided.

    Laser hair removal requires no downtime and involves little discomfort during treatment. Many describe it as a tingling feeling as the laser targets the hair follicles. It is a wonderful way for those who have struggled with unwanted hair to tackle it head-on, finally. Patients who have undergone laser hair removal have been extremely satisfied with the results, and are happy to have their unwanted hair worries addressed.

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