Landscape Maintenance Service In North Carolina

Landscape Maintenance Service In North Carolina


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    Why Landscape Maintenance Service 

    All lawn care service is not created equal. The lawn care service we’re talking about not only includes a list of the expected duties, but also a lot of extra chores you might not have thought about. The Exterior Worlds’ version of lawn care service also includes an overall intention to provide premium care and attention to your landscape design and each element in it.

    • Regular mowing and trimming. We recommend mowing and trimming weekly in the spring and summer and every other week during the cooler months. 
    • Lawn aeration. This practice is integral to proper lawn care service and provides many benefits: it increases the activity of microorganisms that promote de-thatching, it improves water infiltration which helps with drainage and reduces harmful fungi, and it increases the earthworm population. These things work together in a synergic relationship to give you a better lawn. Core aeration also reduces fertilizer and pesticide run-off—and that helps the environment.
    • Inspection of your drainage system. Your drainage system impacts the entire residential landscape maintenance as well. Since it drains water from low-lying areas, it prevents standing water that can cause slippery surfaces, mosquito breeding grounds, and drowned landscaping. Proper yard drainage is essential for the care of your lawn as it moves water off your property in a timely manner, thus encouraging healthy grass and allowing the maintenance crew to perform its regular lawn service duties.

    We provide a complete range of landscape maintenance services in North Raleigh and Wake Forest that are detailed below.  We employ creative designs tailored to your individual needs and unique site conditions to provide you with a huge variety of landscape maintenance needs. Allow our team of certified professional horticulturists and landscape technicians to develop and refine a customized management program for you. We offer all you need to keep your lawn and property looking great including:  weekly mowing and trimming and edging to keep your property professionally manicured.

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