Land clearing and property reclamation

Land clearing and property reclamation



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    We your best option for land clearing and property reclamation - both big and small jobs!   All mulching companies are NOT created equal, and there are many reasons why you want to hire us to do the job instead of cheap skidsteers and one-man "companies".  We have multiple mobile teams covering all of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and even Louisiana.  We are the ONLY company to offer the following combination at every job:

    - 170 HP machine with closed-loop hydraulics (we easily double the daily production of our skid steer competitors while still having comparable machine size and daily rate)

    - 74" horizontal drum head with 100% knives (wider than our 60” competitors + we run all knives = more work completed in a day)

    - 8 hours of on-site machine time no matter what (our competitors make you pay for down time, loading/unloading, machine maintenance, breaks, lunch, etc. - WE DON’T!)

    - unlimited tree size (while our competitors stop at 6-10" we just keep going!)

    - two man teams so your operator is well-rested and focused on arrival and throughout the day  (one man "companies" have to put in a 12-16 hour day all alone and have a hard time focusing on the mulching…the most important part!)

    - bucket work (dirt, gravel, culverts) for no additional charge!

    Using our to-of-the-line equipment and experienced operators, we specialize in the selective mulching of:

    - residential lots
    - acreage
    - ranches
    - commercial land
    - hunting leases
    - fence lines / fence rows
    - right of ways

    DON’T BE SCARED OF A WAITING LIST – we always have a wait of several weeks due everyone wanting what we offer for the money.  Be careful if hiring someone who is available to work right away, or giving discounts to fill their schedule, because there is usually a reason they aren’t busy and need to discount their work!  When hiring heavy equipment, cheap work isn't good and good work isn't cheap!

    BEWARE OF OVERCHARGING, EVEN IF THEIR QUOTED PRICE IS LOW - our competitors who offer very low prices play games like changing the price after arrival, add-on fees, chasing the clock, etc. We do honest work for an honest price and include all our services in a flat daily rate. We put it in writing, and you won't find anyone else who offers what we do for our price!

    GUARANTEED RUNTIME - we are the only company who gives 8 full hours of run time during a day of work and don’t charge you for distance, travel, delivery, time spent talking with you, breaks, lunches or unexpected repairs. We also don’t charge roll-up to roll-out which is a waste of your time and money!  Ask our competitors who pays for the time if they get stuck, blow a hose, change a tooth, fix a coupler, etc.
    YOU NEED  THE RIGHT MACHINE - our setup is the BEST for selective residential and commercial forestry mulching.  We fine-tuned this process into the perfect combination of machine, operator training and work policies to achieve everything the typical customer wants in a day of work.  We typically double the production of the guys running skid steers, produce smaller mulch on a first pass and don't limit you on the tree size!

    HIRE A PROFESSIONAL COMPANY WITH INSURANCE - don’t hire a private contractor or low-priced part-timer because you’ll get what you pay for! We are professionals, in business since 2011, and put everything in writing.  We are fully insured (we’ll prove it) licensed where necessary and pull permits where required.

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