Lal Mirch Powder 100g - Renesent
Lal Mirch Powder 100g - Renesent
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Lal Mirch Powder 100g


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IMC’s Lal Mirch Powder is made in complete hygienic manner with fresh and assorted red chilies. There are no added chemicals, fertilizers, food flavors or coloring. It has the quality to control various diseases, fight infections and is known to aid in digestion as well. This spice is also known to assist in red blood cell formation and maintain a healthy blood pressure. Moreover, spices are soul to food, especially in our country. And red chili is that spice without which any form of dish is incomplete.


Helps in reducing obesity and keeping a check on diabetes. Very good appetizer and good stimulant. Gives aroma to food and makes it colorful and delicious. Aids in digestion and fighting against infections.


Red Chili



Add according to quantity and flavor in your food. Use it to make sauces, which are used to add spice to other dishes. Must be kept away from eyes. Must be kept away from children.

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