Kitchen Sink Hole Cover


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    • Discreetly Cover Sink Holes
    • Rust Resistant
    • Long lasting performance in your kitchen sink
    • Extra Defence
    • 3 in. long shank x 1-3/4 in. O.D.
    • Threaded 1/2 inch shank design.
    • Durable plastic construction
    • Use to cover extra sink holes
    • Easy to install with no tools required
    • Brushed Nickel finish



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:Does this have a rubber gasket or something to prevent water on sink edge from seeping down?

    A:Not really... the gasket that comes with it is thick. To seal the plug water tight, the gasket must go between the plug and the sink or counter top. If you place the gasket on the underside of sink or counter, water will leak through. The instructions call for using silicone rubber between the plug and sink/counter.
    Q:Will this cover a 1.5" diameter hole?
    A:Yes this will cover.
    Q:What is the diameter of the circular top piece?
    A:1 5/8" in diameter.
    Q:What is the diameter of the threaded shank?
    A:The Diameter of the shank is 3/4" the hole cover top is 1-3/4"
    Q:Does this come with a gasket?
    A:Yes there is a gasket,, but I also sealed mine down with a dab of clear silicone to make sure that it was a secure watertight seal.
    Q:Does this shine like smooth chrome, or does it have the grain of stainless steel?
    A:Smooth stainless steel
    Q:Is the top plastic?
    A:no, Only the white piece is plastic

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