Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer


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    • Highly Durable
    • The Everflow Sink Strainer is made of stainless steel
    • Stylish look to match your kitchen
    • Traps food debris to prevent clogs in your sink
    • 32 bar holes on the basket for draining water easily
    • Super easy to clean!
    • The replacement basket is Quick And Easy To Install



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:What's the best way to clean this without putting in dishwasher?

    A:Warm water with soap


    Q:How many inches is the rubber stopper across?

    A:As you probably know, or would suspect, it is a beveled stopper. It is 2 inches across at the widest and 1 and 5/8 inches across at the thinnest.


    Q:How do you switch it from a strainer to a stopper?

    A:To use as stopper have to push all way down into sink opening it will go---using for a strainer it's position is not all way down and or pushed a little to side of sink opening.


    Q:Are all parts of the knob and shaft made of stainless, or is it metal-plated plastic?

    A:It's definitely a chrome-plated plastic. It makes it feel much cheaper that way.


    Q:What needs to be done to change it from stopper to strainer?

    A:Rotate it 90 degrees. You should know, however, it is so lightly built that the strainer plops into the stopper position with the slightest jostling.


    Q:Is the rubber stopper part of this stopper hollow or one solid piece of rubber?

    A:There is a solid rubber stopper under the metal sieve. It works well. .


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