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    Kitchen Moving Boxes

    Kitchen Moving Boxes

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    \nYou and your husband love to host dinner parties and have collected quite the assortment of dinner, salad, and dessert plates to put on your succulent suppers. Your small kitchen has always been a big obstacle, so you are elated to begin a remodel that includes an industrial oven, an oversized fridge, and a fantastic wet bar completed with its own ice maker and wine cooler! The project is scheduled to begin in three weeks and should end in another three if all goes as planned. You will be rooming in an extended-stay hotel while the renovation takes place... but before your mini-vacation, you have a lot of kitchen packing to do! Everything from the small space must be tucked away in containers and heavy duty shipping boxes that will be stored in the garage until the big reveal. While laundry baskets and recycled grocery sacks make temporary storage for small appliances, pots and pans, and pantry items, they don't provide the protection you are seeking for your dinnerware collection. You'll certainly need heavy duty moving boxes for kitchen items! You found an online, one-stop-shop that sells inexpensive kitchen boxes and moving supplies that will make for easy packing. You receive a roll of bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, and four large, heavy-duty moving boxes, and get to work right away packing dishes. As you seal the last box, your husband whisks it away and carefully stacks it in the garage. The project is finished ahead of schedule by four days…you rush home to see the new space. Blindfolded for a more dramatic reveal, it was like a scene from HGTV, and you can hardly remember the old kitchen after being awed with the new. After admiring every nook and cranny, you pull in the moving boxes, baskets, and bags from the garage and begin to unpack. The smell of newly stained wood and painted walls fills the air as you dance from cabinet to cabinet, filling them in a sensible fashion. A dedicated wall, with a custom plate rack, holds your dinnerware sets. You slide the last plate in when the doorbell rings…your first dinner guest since the remodel began. You sit over a home-cooked meal and a glass of wine at the new granite island, admiring the sparkle and shine of your new space. Welcome home (again)!

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