Keshwin Hair Oil 3.38 Oz -12 Quantity - Renesent

Keshwin Hair Oil 3.38 Oz -12 Quantity


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    Indians are popular for sporting thick, dark and lustrous hair. Thanks to the many secrets of Ayurveda that have been harnessed over centuries to create concoctions that are a boon to hair & its wellness. IMC’s Herbal Hair Oil is one such miracle that is packed with potent herbs like Aloe Vera, Bhringraj, Tulsi, Yashti, Amla, Nagarmotha, Neem, Turmeric, Manjishtha, Gudahal, Priangu, Sikkakai, etc. blended with the goodness of Mustard Oil, that act as a natural hair conditioner. It deeply nourishes your hair, while leaving your mind and body completely relaxed.


    For overall development of hair. When your hair looks great, half the job’s done. It has a relaxing effect on your mind and body. Deeply nourishes your hair, leaving it lush and healthy


    Aloe Vera, Brahmi, Tulsi and Priyangu.

    HOW TO USE:-

    For best results, warm the oil. Take a cotton ball and soak it with the oil. Apply it gently to your scalp and hair. Gently massage your hair fusing your fingertips..


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