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    Safety Non-Contact: Touchless, you do not need to worry touch body and worried about a long time waiting. This thermometer is designed for all ages, adults, infants and elders. Usage & Scope: Usage: Scan the temperature by thermal induction. It supports forehead or ear function. Scope of application: Hospital, Outdoor, Indoor (Room) etc.
    Smart Humanized Design: Professional: Electronic laser display, easy to use. Reading Temperature 0.5S. Measurement Deviation? ± 0.4? C / F adjustable, Color LED backlight, Auto shut-down and power-saving. Temperature Tips: Health Indicator and alarm colors for monitoring the health of the baby and all the time. It is totally safe for children to use.
    Risk-Free Product 30 Day’s Returns: 100% replacement or refund service, if any damage occurs to the product, please contact CHEERS service team to solve the problem quickly and effectively. Product Excluded Batteries. Need to buy separately.mart Humanized Design?Professional: Electronic laser display, easy to use. Reading Temperature ?0.5S. Measurement Deviation? ± 0.4? , ?C / ?F adjustable, Color LED backlight, Auto shut-down, and power-saving.
    Batteries Not Included: Batteries are not a part of standard equipment. There is a place to keep batteries inbox so using an infrared thermometer, you can keep batteries there. While insert batteries, please be the careful correct direction of ✚ & − Sign.
    ℃ ➜ ℉ ➜ ℃: Change from Centigrade To Fahrenheit: - Step 1: Press measuring button than you can see light on LCD; Step 2: Press the setting button for 3 seconds than you can see F1 on-screen; Step 3: Press the plus or minus button once, you can see f on the LCD screen; Step 4: Press setting button 4 times till LCD power off, now it will show in temperature in Fahrenheit always; To Change In Centigrade, Do The Same Process. it will remain same until you change again.

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