HVAC Furnace Air Filter


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    • Enhanced HVAC Effectiveness
    • Crafted to help improve your home’s ventilation efficiency
    • Each HVAC air filter is crafted with four layers
    • Two layers of electrostatic media for superior reliability
    • Quick & Easy Installation
    • American Made
    • Durability and long-lasting quality



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:Are these for heating also not just air conditioning as your item states ?

    A:They are for any HVAC system.


    Q:The last electrostatic filter i bought had a power supply and required 110 vac. does this filter require power?



    Q:How does this compare to disposable filters in terms of flow restriction?

    A:It is much less restrictive, and is easier on your unit.


    Q:16 by 25 actual size what is the actual size on this filter?

    A:If your vent opening is 16 x25 x 1 it will fit.

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