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    Moving to a new home can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming, and Unpakt is here to help ease the stress of house moving so that you can enjoy this new chapter of your life. Professional movers can help you to pack and load your items onto a truck, transport them to your new place, and unload them, all while keeping your precious items safe. Renting a truck, stocking up on packing materials, and covering all of the details yourself can be a costly venture (for both time and money), so hire a professional mover and save those helping hands of friends and family for a celebration rather than putting in manual labor.

    House Moving Services

    Unpakt helps you find trusted house movers near you that offer services to fit your needs, saving you the stress of logistics and practicalities.
    There are many types of residential relocations

    Households or Apartments

    Professional movers understand the challenges and intricacies of moving to and from all types of homes. Parking, stairways, elevators, and timing all play a role in determining the best way to move items safely, while not creating a big impact on other apartment residents. Experienced movers will be adept in moving large items through hallways or narrow corridors, and through stairways. House moving becomes a breeze when professionals take these details off your hands.

    Local or Short Distance

    If you’ve chosen to pack your house for yourself and only need movers to do the heavy lifting and transporting for you, an afternoon may be all you need to get to your new home. Some movers charge by the hour, but this can sometimes lead to longer moves or additional expenses. It is in your best interest to find a mover in your area who knows the neighborhoods and will set a clear and fixed guaranteed price in advance. Confirming a flat rate in advance means arriving to your house without unexpected additions and you can get straight to settling in.

    Long Distance

    If you’re moving to a new state, a long distance mover will have options for cargo trucks to fit all of your belongings in one trip. A long distance moving company will have additional understanding of how to fully secure your items for the long haul (through various terrains), and insurance to cover the journey.

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