Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management


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    What is Hospitality Management?

    Firstly, it’s important to know what hospitality management is all about. It involves overseeing the daily administrative, operational, and commercial tasks of businesses like hotels, resorts, restaurants, catering establishments, shops, casinos, amusement parks, and many other related businesses. From the big hotel chains to the smallest dining establishments, they are all part of the hospitality industry. When you work in hospitality management, your goal as the manager is to make your guests feel at home and ensure they have the most pleasant experience at your establishment.

    What Are the Main Responsibilities of A Hospitality Manager?

    As a hospitality manager, your task is to oversee various departments in your resort or hotel, for example, in housekeeping, concierge, restaurant, spa, budgeting, conferences, reception, maintenance, and guest services. It is your job to ensure everything runs smoothly in all the departments. Although your duties will depend on which sector you work in, some of your main responsibilities can include:

    • Monitoring accounts and managing budgets
    • Managing staff and arranging cover for holidays and absences
    • Assist the staff with the day-to-day running of events and functions
    • Come up with new and innovative ideas for better business performance
    • Dealing with customer complaints and queries
    • Interview and train new staff
    • Ensure health and safety regulations are adhered to

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