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    EASY PROMPT COMMUNICATION: Phone, Email, & 24/7 Private Tenant Portal we are here. We will always respond promptly but also provide secure methods for you to reach out 24/7. The Tenant Portal allows you to securely pay your rent online, submit and check on work orders, review statements, invoices & more.
    A ROCKSTAR MAINTENANCE DEPT: It is important to us that you enjoy your stay. Granted, you, the owner, nor us, want a maintenance issue but when and if they arise we are prepared. We have developed a process to best coordinate, follow up, and resolve maintenance issues as quick as possible. Better yet, Ashford has a Rockstar, Marisa, that manages & oversees that entire process.
    EXTREMELY DETAILED MOVE-IN EVALUATIONS TO PROTECT YOU: We provide an extremely detailed move-in evaluation that is completed within just days of you moving in. This evaluation comes with numerous pictures (300+ on avg.) and 360 DEGREE pictures to ensure that you never pay for any repair items that were present before you taking possession. NOTE: G.F.P. (Good, Fair, Poor) inspections/ Evaluations end up costing the tenants- avoid these.
    MAKING YOUR HOME PLANS HAPPEN: We regularly work with individuals & families that have longterm home goals they look to accomplish. Whether they are relocating and looking to rent for a year and then buy. Or those on the path to buy, that need to rent now but look to own their home in the near future. We provide the information & the guidance to make those plans happen.
    REFUND POLICY: The secure refund policy stands if the seller ships out ordered products after the designated shipment date, or was not able to ship out the products at all, securing the buyer and seller. When not delivering products in correspondence to the product description, no valid documentation of attempt of delivery, or products have been damaged through the carrier or before shipment, reimbursement is also issued to the buyer from breach of the customer purchase contract.


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