Himalayan Berry Juice 16.90 Oz - 6 Quantity

Himalayan Berry Juice 16.90 Oz - 6 Quantity


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    Himalayan Berry, also known as Sea Buckthorn fruit exquisitely formulated to give a boost to your overall health. Its fruits, seeds, leaves, and bushes are enriched with medicinal properties and used in medicines. Himalayan Berry is full of Anti-ageing, Anti-diseaseand anti-oxidant properties. It is called a store full of oxygen, vitamins and minerals particularly vitamin C. The juice extracted from these berries is 100% natural with no potential side effects. Excellent in eradicating mental, physical and sexual weakness, it gives you the right kick to stay active all day long. Get your pack today and bring home the nectar of good health & life.


    Rich in nutrients, it helps boost your overall health. Protects the liver and heart from various complications. Eradicates mental, physical and sexual weakness. Helps prevent various health ailments like cold, obesity, blood pressure, breathing disorders etc


    Himalayan Berry

    HOW TO USE:-

    Take 30ml of Himalayan Berry Juice in 250ml of water daily in the morning or take it as directed by the physician. Avoid using it before sleep.


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