Hiding Assets

Hiding Assets


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    Discovering Hidden Assets in Your Divorce

    You cannot get a fair property settlement in your divorce unless you have honest information about your spouse’s financial status. We pride ourselves in our ability to locate hidden assets. The process is a bit like a chess game, and it is always best to have the lawyer who is always three or four moves ahead of the party hiding the assets. At the Fort Bend County law office, we know that proper planning can go a long way with locating hidden assets and in preventing any further marital fraud.

    Getting Control Back

    If you are concerned about hidden assets, we you want to get to work as early as possible. The longer you wait, the more time you give your spouse to hide more assets or dispose of assets. We have developed techniques for locating these hidden assets that we share only with our clients.

    If you are able to demonstrate in court that your spouse intentionally hid assets or is hiding assets, you should be eligible to receive a larger award. With extensive experience handling complex financial situations, we can help uncover the hidden property.

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