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Herbal Gomutra 16.90 Oz


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    Goumutra is not only a general medicine it is a natural panacea for all diseases. It is natural Anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and it is called Sanjeevani. It is the key to treat infectious diseases, provides longevity and removes all blood disorders, oral disorders, mental and physical disorders, and an excellent elixir. Goumutra helps to stop ageing, removes toxic substances from the body, detoxifies the liver, kidney and is light to digest.Vedas have always enlightened us in leading a blissful life and one of the secrets, according to them, is the daily consumption of Gomutra, which can empower us to have euphoric lives. Fathoming the words of these holy books, IMC curated Herbal Gomutra, which is 100% pure and natural. Blended with Tulsi and Elaichi to stifle the pungent smell of Cow’s Urine, this Ayurvedic product has the propensity to help you prevent several health conditions. Embark on a journey towards a happy and profound life with IMC’s Herbal Gomutra.


    Helps fight various ailments. Extremely helpful for people suffering from Jaundice etc. Enhances the immune system. Brings positivity in life.


    Goumutra, Tulsi, and Elaichi

    HOW TO USE:-

    Take 30ml Herbal Gomutra in 50ml water twice daily. Consume the mixture in the morning (empty stomach). Consume the mixture in the evening (before dinner)

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