Groundnuts - 25 Kg



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    • Groundnut also known as Peanut or Pignut is a delicious and healthy nut, which has turned out to be a fad among health enthusiasts for its amazing health benefits and high protein content, and its versatile taste has been an inseparable part of several culinary cultures.
    • The unique nutty taste and creamy texture has added on to the popularity of this common nut. Here’s why a handful of peanuts daily can give the body the much needed dose of daily nutrition.
    • Groundnuts are packed with the goodness of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, Magnesium, Folate, Copper and Arginine. What’s more, the protein rich composition of groundnut makes it great for people who are either trying to lose weight or trying to gain muscle strength.
    • Groundnuts are rich in calories, but a moderate intake of groundnuts daily can improve overall health. Around 100 grams of peanuts have approximately 567 calories, 25.8 grams of protein, 49.2 grams fat, 16.1 grams of carbs and 8.5 grams of fiber.


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