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Green Chilli Pickle 250g -12 Quantity


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    UNIQUE PICKLE WITH UNIQUE TASTE! It is not necessary that everything that tastes good is sweet. Containing no garlic and no onion, enriched with aloe vera and sea buckthorn, IMC Aloe Green Chilli Pickle is a perfect pickle. IMC Aloe Green Chilli Pickle will definitely get the taste buds tickled. Absolutely like homemade, it is delicious. Not only tasty but it's also beneficial for health because of health-friendly ingredients. TASTE THE TASTY IMC ALOE GREEN CHILLI PICKLE.


    A good blend of green chillies and aloe vera, IMC Aloe Green Chilli Pickle is loaded with nutrition and dietary fibre. It promotes and helps in better digestion. As green chillies are a rich source of vitamins so IMC Aloe Green Chilli Pickle may prove good for healthy skin. Green chillies are proven to balance blood sugar level and are a natural source of iron. This may prove beneficial as a healthy diet.


    Chilli, Iodized Salt, Mustard Oil, Aloe vera

    HOW TO USE:-

    Shake well before use. Relish the additional taste of food by taking a small quantity of IMC Aloe Green Chilli Pickle with meals.


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