Garden Remodeling Project in Portola Valley

Garden Remodeling Project in Portola Valley


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    Get professional help (designer, landscape architect, contractor). It takes a sharp eye and design training to plan the best use of outdoor space —? to say nothing of dealing with outdoor lighting and (yikes!) plumbing.
    Be realistic about what to keep and what to get rid of. Some plants are replaceable, and work will go more smoothly with them out of the way. 
    Keep your plan simple. Complex things will come up, especially around an older home. Who knew that water line was there? Or that sewer-line clean-out?
    Whatever you think, the project will cost, add 50 percent. (Make sure you arrive at as firm a price as possible at the beginning; allow for contingencies that will add on later.)
    However long you think the project will take, double it.
    Have fun.

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