Floor Lamp,30W/2400LM Sky LED Modern Torchiere 3 Color Temperatures Super Bright Floor Lamps-Tall Standing Pole Light with Remote & Touch Control for Living Room,Bed Room,Office


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    • Multiple Control Ways:With the remote control you can easily control the floor lamp without leaving the sofa and warm bed (with a 32.8ft/10m range).Add-on touch control stepless brightness adjustment(brightness from 5% to 100%) by long touch.
    • Using-Life Longer 20% than Others:With high brightness and low heat LED advanced technology it has the brightness of a 200W incandescent lamp.Long-term use will not heat up as it's made up of the acrylic materials.the light has a lifetime of up to 100000 hours at the right current and voltage which means lower maintenance and replacement costs totally save money and energy.
    • 3 Color Temperatures and Stepless Dimming:The Joofo floor lamp has stepless brightness adjustment as well as three adjustable color-temperature settings from 3000K to 5000K for warm white/ natural white and cool white light. It remembers your settings between uses and when power is interrupted.
    • Save Space and Safe Base:The base is very heavy.Safe for your baby and pets.The base to provide a good stability from falling that can make sure safety and stable.And save space design you can put it under your sofa or narrow corners.350 rotation you can adjust any angle you need it to make the light fit you.
    • Directional and Glare-Free Light:The lighted surface can be rotated through 350 degrees and tilted to any angle between straight up and almost parallel to the floor. The 69inch/175cm height and tiltable top make it easy to avoid glare from the lighted surface. Pointed into a corner the lamp provides great diffuse lighting when you’re on camera for remote meetings.



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    Questions and Answers

    Q: Is the natural/warm white setting the same as Daylight?

    A:There are 3 settings for color of the light. One is daylight 5000K. One is about 4000K. The last is warm light like incandescent lights. Maybe 2700K. I use 4000K or 5000K in LED lights. So I like the 5000K setting for this.


    Q:Can lamp head be turned or tilted downward towards floor rather towards the ceiling? Can it illuminate wall art?

    A:The lamp head can be turned to be parallel to the wall (90 degrees) but no further, so no you wouldn't be able to tilt it towards the floor. As for illuminating wall art, you could but it would be more like using a floodlamp or theatrical spotlight to illuminate the art -- kind of overkill. But yes, you could dim it appropriately. It's a tall lamp though, so unless your art is up high, I think you could find other types of lamps to better illuminate art. (From someone who has a house full of wall art!)
    Q:Will this lamp light up a room with dark panel on the walls?
    A:That would be subjective based on what “you” deem light up. It will give you good light and you are able to aim the light in different directions. Based on the size of the room and how reasonably priced this lamp is maybe 2 lamps would be well worth getting.
    Q:is this lamp 220 volts?
    A:Is there a 220 volts version

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