Fever Guard Syrup 16.90 Oz -6 Quantity

Fever Guard Syrup 16.90 Oz -6 Quantity


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    Herbal Fever Guard Syrup is a powerful anecdote for treating any kind of fever. In Ayurveda, common fever or the common cold is called Pratishyaya. Dry coughs, mucus discharge, gruff voice, runny nose are common symptoms when you are under the weather or under the attack of infections. Then there are fevers that are a cause of various other reasons, some common, some chronic like dengue and malaria. A strong immune system can help you recover from any kind of fever by fighting against external agents that bring you and your health down. Enriched with the goodness of Giloy, papaya leaves, Aloe Vera and wheat grass, Herbal Fever Guard is any fever’s biggest enemy.


    One-stop-shop for curbing any kind of fever. Laced with powerful yet natural herbs that work together to fight fever. 100% herbal, all organic solution for treating fever. The long-term solution as it strengthens immunity.


    Aloe Vera, Giloy, Papaya Leaves and Wheatgrass.

    HOW TO USE:-

    Take two full teaspoons once in the morning after breakfast and night after dinner. Or, use it as prescribed by your physician.


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