Extended Length 4-Loop, Lifting and Moving Straps for Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses or Heavy Objects up to 800 Pounds 2-Person


  • High Touch Moving

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    • MOVES LARGE AND HEAVY OBJECTS MORE EASILY: Employs leverage making the item being carried seem 66 percent lighter
    • ERGONOMIC: Designed to encourage proper lifting techniques and reduce back injuries due to heavy and repetitive lifting
    • ADJUSTABLE: Each polypropylene strap is 10 feet long and has 4 loops at each end providing up to 64 inches of adjustment to easily carry small through extra large sized items
    • EASY TO MANEUVER: Easier to go up and down stairs and to turn corners than floor dollies
    • SAVES YOUR FLOORS from scratches dents scuffs and scrapes that dollies and hand trucks leave behind
    • HEAVY DUTY: Rated to 800 pounds



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:How long are these?

    A:The overall dimensions of the straps are 120" L x 3" W x .01" thick. Each strap adjusts up to 64" long.
    Q:Is this in addition to the original product or is this a standalone purchase?
    A:It's a standalone purchase.
    Q:Can one person use these or does it require a pair of people?
    A:It's recommended that 2 people use these straps to reduce the chance of fatigue or injury.

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