Engineered wood 3/8” X 6.5” X 1-4’’ with a 1.2mm wear layer (Qty 314 boxes @ $22/Box)

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    What is Engineered Wood ?
    Engineered Wood also known as “man-made wood” or composite wood is a versatile alternative to hard wood. It is constructed from multiple layers of wood called ply that have been reformed using heat, glue and pressure, each layer runs in different directions, which makes it very stable and provide better properties than hard wood.

    What is Engineered wood made of?
    The top layer of engineered wood is the fancy looking one: a beautiful veneer of solid wood. It’s the layer you’ll feel and touch and it’s the most important choice to make when choosing your engineered floor.

    The second layer of engineered wood is the clever one: a strong, supportive layer which can be made of plywood, particle board or medium-density fibreboard(MDF). All three materials work the same, preventing the top layer from warping.

    The last layer of engineered wood is the stabilizing back layer. The result? A beautiful floor which doesn’t buckle in areas of changing moisture.
    How to identify if it is engineered wood ?

    You can identify if it is engineered wood by the following characteristics:

    • Engineered hardwood it is much lighter than solid wood.
    • The exterior and interior of the planks will not match.
    • Lifting the furniture and looking at the base of the legs is another good indicator.
    • Engineered hardwood have either a click fitting system or a tongue and groove profile.
    • There are also different finishes to choose from including: oiled, lacquered, brushed and unfinished.
    • If you buy usually it is more cost effective than solid hardwood flooring.
    • Engineered wood is usually installed below grade(basements, below the ground).
    • It is more stable when you walk on it.

    NOTE : Each box has 21.31 SF per box and currently have 314 boxes in stock, equal to 6,691.34 SF.


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