Emmer Wheat Whole (Khapli Genhu) - 25 Kg

Emmer Wheat Whole (Khapli Genhu) - 25 Kg


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    Emmer Wheat has a powerful history of more than 5000 years. The goodness of its athletic nutrients has made this variety strongest and different from all other Indian wheat varieties. Emmer variety of wheat used in Adrish’s wheat flour is organically cultivated right from sowing seed to harvesting of crops. Seeds used are of ‘Desi Indian’ variety and are sprayed with jeevamrut, dashaparni ark and various traditional organic sprays to avoid pests. 


    • Emmer wheat is a extremely low gluten stone grinded organic product.It has immense nutrients in it which helps in removing harmful toxins from the body.
    • Organic emmer wheat is found to be very healthy and effective for diabetic people and helps in reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.
    • Daily consumption of emmer wheat helps to control diabetes, weight loss, and reduces the risk of arterial blockages. It also aids in fighting illness and improving digestion.
    • Emmer Wheat can be used for making Flakes, Rotis, Noodles, Porridges, healthy Pastas and delicious bakery products.

    Directions to store:

    Adrish’s Emmer Wheat can be stored in an air tight container by placing 2-3 bay leaves (Tejpatta) or 1-2 whole dry red chillies. Preferably avoid plastic containers. It is recommended to store them in the traditional way to protect and hold all the nutrients in the flour.


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