Elaichi Amrit 6.76 Oz -12 Quantity

Elaichi Amrit 6.76 Oz -12 Quantity


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    Making it a part of everyday health practice can leave you feeling active and energetic while giving you fresh breath that lasts long. It also acts as a very good mouth freshener. This amazing product is very useful in relieving from acidity, indigestion and is a powerful detoxifier. Improving blood circulation, relieving you from cough and cold, preventing menstrual spasms and weight management facilitator are just a few of the many health benefits this product has to offer you and is, therefore, the Drink of the Gods brought to you by Ayurveda.


    Works as a mouth freshener. Helps detoxify the body. Helps relieve acidity and indigestion. Helps improve blood circulation and prevent spasms.


    Elaichi and Saunf.

    HOW TO USE:-

    Add 2 drops of Elaichi Amrit in a glass of water, milk, tea or lassi. Stir and mix the solution. Consume it for a better digestion. Or, take it as directed by the physician.


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