Drainage Problem

Drainage Problem


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    Is poor drainage damaging your foundation?

    Every homeowner fears them: musty odors, soil erosion, and damp spots around a home's foundation. Poor drainage allows moisture to penetrate cracks, placing added stress on your foundation. Fortunately for you, expensive damage to foundations around patios, pools, and homes can be prevented by surveying the area and making the appropriate changes. We can ensure that water drains away from your foundation and keeps it safe and solid.

    Identify drainage issues accurately

    It takes an expert to identify potential drainage issues originating from sprinklers, rain runoff, a high water table, sprinklers, underground springs, and other factors. We have the experience to find these trouble areas.

    Keep the moisture away from your foundation

    Your yard should drop 6 inches in the first 10 feet from a structure, and at least 1 foot per 100 feet beyond that. We will assess the slope of your yard, examine runoff to see where it's draining, inspect gutters and downspouts, and check over all the other trouble areas that could result in foundation-damaging drainage issues. Give us a call to let us help with your drainage problems!

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