Dr. Cow Indian Cow's Ghee Tin

Dr. Cow Indian Cow's Ghee Tin

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    Prepared from Indian Cow's Milk Cream. Best for Cooking, Puja & Fire Sacrifices.
    As per Ayurveda, Indian Cow's Ghee should be used by Human Being to keep healthy.
    It increase body immunity, memory, concentration, lusture to the body, increase aging etc.
    Reference to Scriptures any Puja, Fire Sacrifice or religious ceremonies will be successful if it is executed with the use of Indian Cow's Ghee only. Indian Cows ghee is little expensive but surely best for your good health, as indian cow's give milk with less fat content with other valuable minerals. So, make a habit to use only Indian Cow's Ghee and get the blessing of Gaumata. Please don't be confused with the Market available Cow's Ghee of less price, as it is not actually the Real Cow's Ghee. In the name of cow's ghee, mostly companies are offering Hybrid/ Jersy cow's ghee which is very harmful for health create problems like Joint pain, Diabetes, Cancer etc.

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