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Dog Bite Lawyer


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    Do I Need to Hire a Dog Bite Lawyer?

    An experienced lawyer is often critical in establishing and proving the facts required to hold a dog owner liable in Texas. You need to hire an attorney experienced in dog bites, who has experience handling dog bite cases. These cases can be tricky for an inexperienced attorney because:

    • the laws are not in one central location so finding the applicable law takes some research, and;
    • determining who is responsible and whether there is coverage can be difficult.

    What Does a Houston Dog Bite Attorney Cost?

    Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. You pay nothing upfront and we do not charge any attorney’s fee unless we win your case. This is true even if we have to travel to Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, or any of the many cities in Texas where we represent dog bite victims.

    Finding the Law and Dog Bite Legislation

    Dog and pet owner liability law has been a constantly evolving and changing area.  The traditional rule of the Common Law known as the “One Free Bite Rule” or “One Bite Rule” for short, was based on premises liability.  It is still the primary manner of holding negligent dog owners responsible in the State of Texas as well as 17 other States.   Most major cities and many smaller ones as well, however, have enacted more strict ordinances such as “dangerous dog” codes or “leash laws” which place a higher burden of care on the dog owner.  There is also a statewide law now, known as “Lillian’s Law” that creates criminal responsibility in certain circumstances when a dog owner allows a known dangerous dog to run at large. 32 States have enacted strict liability statutes for dog bites.

    If you have been injured due to an attack by someone else’s animal, you need a dog bite lawyer who knows how to research the correct laws for your area and apply them to your advantage.

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