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Divorce Attorneys


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    We provide over 57 Years of Combined Family Law Counsel Experience dedicated to Your Family throughout the Divorce Legal Process.

    Divorce is rarely a simple matter, but when the spouses pursuing divorce are parents, it can become much more complicated, especially if one of the parents is asking for sole physical custody or there are reasons for sole legal custody.  An Unwed Father has parental rights in California, yet fighting for an unmarried father’s rights can be quite a process.

    Finding a reasonable balance that respects the rights of both parents and protects the interests of the children can often be difficult. If there are issues due to a Parent being a Military Service Member, issues with Legal vs Joint Custody may arise because of Military Deployment.

    Military Divorces may also lead to issues with Child Visitation, Child Support, and the welfare of the children concerning school, childhood relationships, and emotional states.

    However, with the help of an experienced legal professional, finding a resolution for this issue can be much easier.

    We know the importance of a Child’s Welfare and the damage it can cause if a person does not get the arrangement they want or feels is best for their children.

    For this reason, it is typically best to have a lawyer who is intimately familiar with family law and divorce issues representing your interests. Our Divorce Attorneys have the skill and experience needed to effectively resolve your case, protect You and Your Families Interests.

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