Dish Gold Pouch 16.90 Oz 12 Quantity

Dish Gold Pouch 16.90 Oz 12 Quantity


  • Maheshkumar Chaudhari

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    One of the rules of a healthy home is that your kitchenware should to be very clean and sanitized. If the kitchenware is not cleaned properly, it can be a potential source of diseases and infections. Dish Gold not only clears the surface off the grease but also makes the utensils sparkling fresh with a naturally pleasant fragrance. So give this gift of salon to your kitchenware and get the Dish Gold advantage to your family today.


    Cleans the toughest grease and removes stains within seconds. Gives you sparkling dishes that are completely clean and hygienic. Has a rich foaming formula that is gentle on your hands. Leaves no scratches or residues on utensils.


    Aloe Vera, neem and Lemon.

    HOW TO USE:-

    For the toughest grease, pour just one drop on the sponge. Rub it on the utensils, and wash with clean water. For regular wash take 10 ml of Gold Dish and 500 ml water. Soak dirty utensils, rub them and wash with clean water.


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