Dental Bridge Treatment In Denton

Dental Bridge Treatment In Denton


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    What is a Dental Bridge Treatment?

    A dental bridge is used to bridge the gap between two healthy teeth where one or more teeth are missing.

    In most cases, a dental crown is placed on the healthy teeth on each side of the gap to support the bridge in between them. These teeth are known as anchor teeth or abutment teeth. The bridge essentially creates a false tooth, known as a pontic. The pontic may be constructed from various materials such as gold, alloys, porcelain, or a mixture of these materials.

    Types of Dental Bridges

    There are three main types of dental bridges that may be used depending on the situation:

    • Traditional fixed bridges: two crowns on adjacent teeth to hold the bridge in place.
    • Cantilever bridges: one crown on the adjacent tooth and no tooth on the other side of the bridge
    • Maryland bonded bridges: resin-bonded bridge made of porcelain fused to metal teeth and framework, commonly used for front teeth.


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