Custom Stair Case

Custom Stair Case


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    Stairs in your home or any places acts like a bridge that connect two certain locations or floors, help people to go from one level to another or from one floor to another. When your guests enter to your house or when you are invited to another house, one of the first things that can enhance the beauty of a property as well as have a huge impact on the aesthetic of a property is stairs and staircases.
    Stairs and staircases are one of the many things that give great visual in your home but you should also consider the functionality, utility and safety.
    The shape, materials and space are the factors for designing and building your staircase.
    Our company provide different types of staircase designs depending on their specific purpose can be in Straight, Winder, Spiral, Arched, L or U shape that are made from steel, wood, concrete and glass.
    Depending on the design of your home, our company create and build custom staircase which is right for your functional needs and beauty desires.


    • Straight Stairs
    • Curved Stairs
    • Spiral Stairs


    • Steel
    • Concrete
    • Cable
    • Glass
    • Wood

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