Crystal Clear Three Side Seal Pouch Zipper 160x260



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    Our Crystal clear bags are very high transparent compared with hazy bags available in market. The product filled inside is visible clearly and the product will shine when filled in our bags. Our ultra clear bags is ideal to fill roasted nuts, pretzels, snacks, whole spices, cookies, biscuits, oats, granola, food, dried chips, dried fruits, chocolates, sweets, coated nuts, gummies, roasted snacks etc. Our crystal clear bags are made with special material that protects product from oxygen and moisture compared with clear plastic bags available in market, so the product life is highly increased.
    • The product stays crisp and fresh for longer time. Ultra clear bags can only withstand upto 250 grams weight. If you want to fill more weight than please use our clear bags.
    • Try our crystal clear bags to increase visibility of your product packed and experience your sales going higher Guaranteed performance.


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