Cosmetic Inlays

Cosmetic Inlays


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    Dental inlays have been around for many years, but I the earlier days, they were made using a mixture of mercury and silver (amalgam) to fill the damaged tooth. The presence of mercury has made them very controversial.

    There have been debates as to whether dental amalgam fillings leak mercury into the mouth and cause toxic health risks. While the opinions of scientists vary on the matter, the controversy has lead people to replace their old amalgam fillings removed and replaced with safer, more natural looking cosmetic inlays made from porcelain or ceramic.

    A cosmetic inlay is also a good alternative to a dental crown, which often takes a lot of work done on the tooth. Ceramic or porcelain inlays work just like metal fillings, only without the unsightly metal sheen and the toxic risk as the new surface of the tooth is made out of a ceramic resin matching the tooth’s color, seamlessly blending in with the rest of the tooth.

    With the filling resembling your natural tooth’s color, inlays offer more natural-looking results, while also protecting the tooth surface from bacteria build up and cavity formation. Moreover, inlays give teeth more structural integrity.

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