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Copy Building Key Service
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Copy Building Key Service


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Copy Building Key Service

What exactly is a copy building key?

Well, as the name suggests it is a key that can open more than one lock, meaning that you'll be able to use only one key. Knowing which lock opens with this type of keys is always useful and will come in handy when you're working on or wish to access different houses or buildings.

The Problem

One of the biggest problems facing tenants, home owners is when you need to create a spare key or access a building and for some reason, you cannot find your key. When this happens, one may call a professional locksmith from Rocket Locksmith.

Copy building keys have been created to help rental property owners avoid this costly procedure. Copy building keys are copied from the original key so that they can be used to open the door if the other sets of keys are not available for whatever reason including when a tenant leaves without returning their key.

Cost of copy building keys

Copy building keys are inexpensive and easy to obtain online. Copy building keys can be made at home with a few household items such as a photo of the original key, tape and a printer. Copy building keys come in many forms including high strength steel that is guaranteed to open any door as well as flexible plastic that will not break. Copy building keys are ideal for rental properties and can save money and time when a tenant leaves without returning their key.

That being said, if you're a homeowner and plan on working as an emergency locksmith in your area by yourself, getting a copy building key is a must. This will come in handy when you need to help someone out and don't have the necessary tools.


1. Take out the Copy building key and hold it with your thumb on one end and your middle finger holding the top of Copy building key in place, so that Copy building key is laying in an "L" shape.

2. Use scissors to cut Copy building key at a 45 degree angle; you can cut Copy building key to the middle of Copy building key or closer to the end, it is up to you. However, if you choose not to cut Copy building key all the way, be aware that Copy building keys may not fit in your lock.

3. Fold Copy building key in half ensuring that Copy building key is still in an "L" shape. Tape Copy building key to ensure it holds its fold.

4. Place Copy building key into your lock and turn Copy building key clockwise until Copy building key stops then remove Copy building key from the lock.

5. Now, try to open your door with Copy building key, Copy building key should work.

If Copy building key does not open your door, you may need to screw Copy building key in place so that Copy building key fits in the lock correctly. To do this follow step 1-4 but instead of taping Copy building key together in step 3 use screws to secure Copy building key in place.

To avoid copy building keys, just follow these easy steps to change your lock:

1. Take out the screws that hold the faceplate of the lock in place.

2. Remove entire working mechanism of lock and replace with new working mechanism (ensure you have Copy building key).

3. Replace screws.

4. Try Copy building key in new working mechanism (ensure Copy building key opens your door).

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