Copper Pipe Insulation Coil Line HVAC with Fittings


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    • 25 ft. insulated high quality seamless copper tube
    • All in one kit: 25ft.
    • Excellent UV resistant
    • Insulated with climate resistant foam for durability
    • 3/8 inch thickened insulated cotton
    • Factory flared with 410A fittings attached
    • Copper coil line set for ductless mini split air conditioner
    • Heat pump systems insulated pre-flared with nuts.



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    Questions and Answers

    Q:Is the wiring included in kit to go from outside unit to wall unit? If so is it 25ft as well,?

    A:Yes, the wiring is go from outside unit to wall unit, the length of the wiring is 2ft longer than Insulated line set, which mean it is 27ft.


    Q:It this pre-charged?

    A:No, just the piping. The mini split should be charged if new and will have enough Freon in it for the line set.


    Q:What sizes are the flare nuts?

    A:The flare nuts are 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch.

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