Cooling System Service

Cooling System Service


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    Neglecting your vehicle's cooling system could result in overheating, which is a top cause of major engine trouble. All cars and trucks require routine maintenance of the cooling system to ensure that it is able to properly regulate the temperature of the engine. The cooling system consists of a number of parts, including the radiator, water pump, thermostat and hoses. Within the system a mixture of coolant (also known as antifreeze) and water flows constantly, which is what helps to reduce the temperature inside the motor. It is important not to skip cooling system service, or else your vehicle is likely to suffer engine damage. So what does cooling system consist of?


    The first step in conducting cooling system service is removing the old coolant/water mixture. This is necessary because after many miles of use it can become contaminated with particles that are damaging to the system and the engine. Simply draining the fluid from the radiator can result in as much as 60 percent of the original fluid being left in the engine. Special methods are utilized to ensure that all of the old fluid is removed.

    Thermostat Check

    If the vehicle has high mileage it may be suggested that the thermostat be replaced. This is because an aging thermostat is more likely to fail, which could result in an instance of overheating.

    System Analysis

    The technician(s) completing the cooling system service will conduct a thorough inspection of the cooling systems hoses and other parts to identify any potential troubles. If a problem or possible problem is present they will inform the owner of the vehicle and suggest repairs. They ought to show the owner of the vehicle the damage or wearing part to show why the service should be completed.


    Once any replacement parts are installed the system will be refilled with the proper antifreeze/water mixture, allowing you to get back on the road without having to worry about overheating.

    If your vehicle is due for cooling system service be sure to have it done. If you're unsure how often or when your car needs this service check your owner's manual or reach out to us.

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