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    We have the knowledge and experience needed to ensure content Cleaning and Storage Virtually every project we undertake has affected contents within the structure that are in need of cleaning and restoration. 

    Every project we undertake is assigned a project manager to assist our clients through the rigors of restoring a structure and its contents back to usable condition. One of our project managers will walk you through the process of inventorying all items, pack-out, cleaning, storage, and pack-in services. Upon arriving onsite, our project manager will create a scope of work for his/her team. Once we have your project scheduled we will bring in our trained staff to digitally inventory every item we are packing out to be moved/stored.

    ​We carefully pack all items into new boxes while ensuring that all fragile items are properly wrapped for protection before being put into storage. Your contents are then brought to the Alliance Disaster Kleenup secure temperature controlled storage facility. Items that need restoration are separated and the cleaning/restoring process begins. Whether you have large or small items to be restored, Alliance Disaster Kleenup has the ability, resources, and experience to ensure all items that are able to be restored are done so in an efficient and professional manner.

    We then move all items into our storage facility until the restoration and/or construction on your structure is complete. Upon completion of restoration services we will schedule a time and day to bring the contents back within the structure. During the pack-in our trained staff will use the inventory list created during the pack-out to ensure everything is accounted for. Our staff places every box and piece of furniture back into the room it was originally moved from.

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