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Concrete & Masonry


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    Creating structure and anchoring design features

    Often-overlooked components of landscaping, concrete and masonry can be made to blend softly with the plantings in a yard or form bold architectural statements.

    Concrete is available in a variety of finishes and is a versatile medium as an artistic element. It can be colored or stained and finished with different patterns - broom, salt, colored, and beautiful faux finishes such as stamping can give the look of stone with a base and accent color. Special installations and aggregates are also options.

    Masonry also comes in many forms and can be used to achieve different looks. A natural element can be brought to a yard with a beautiful flagstone patio. Mortared flagstone can also be used to create a clean, updated feel. Our designers listen to how you want to use your yard and the look you would like to achieve. Then they utilize the full range of options to create the function and feel of your outdoor space.

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