Commercial Construction and General Contracting

Commercial Construction and General Contracting


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    We  founded its legacy on creating projects with distinction. In every one of our construction management plans, we seek to construct spaces of influence, spaces of significance, and spaces of prestige. Our clients can rest assured that our approach will provide them with added value at every point.

    Commercial Construction and Contracting

    What does that added value look like? we takes a balanced, even-handed approach with each construction management project. Whether the space involves public housing or industrial construction, institutional construction or simply renovations, we begin with owner-defined goals. From there, we seek out clients’ goals by:

    • Conducting feasibility analyses and necessary due diligence
    • Reviewing proposed designs with architects for constructability
    • Establishing projects’ core objectives and creating preliminary project budgets and schedules
    • Coordinating all requests for proposals and selecting architects, engineers, suppliers, and professional consultants, as well as subcontractors

    After negotiating all contracts and pre-planning certifications (e.g., LEED, WELL), our construction management team moves into the building phase of clients’ projects. We will manage all construction, making sure that safety standards are met and confirming trade coordination. We focus on project financials, measuring costs against budgets and keeping clients up to date with regular reports. We work with consultants who advise us on the finer points of details such as audiovisual installation and furniture purchasing. Finally, we carefully review our punch lists, ensuring each box has been checked.

    Even then, though, our construction management process continues. Within the post-construction phase:

    • Conducts field reviews of completed spaces
    • Ensures that spaces functional according to the manner in which they were designed
    • Review final financials with clients

    From start to finish, our general contracting services manage every aspect of the design-build process. This transformative process enables every kind of end user to flourish. Businesses will find themselves working more collaboratively, while residents of public housing projects will find themselves living more meaningfully. We also pride ourselves on helming projects with a sustainable, environmentally friendly tack. Our end goal involves working with our clients to creative positive, long-term change.

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