Climate-controlled boarding for dogs, cats, exotics

Climate-controlled boarding for dogs, cats, exotics


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    We provide boarding services for our regular patients, including dogs, cats, and exotics. Our facilities are 100% air-conditioned and heated, so no need to worry your pet could get too hot or too cold!

    The dedicated kennel staff keeps the patient wards sparkling clean, and is committed to spoiling the boarding patients rotten! 

    Canine guests are fed, and their water changed, twice daily, with multiple walks daily to allow adequate exercise, potty time, and people time.  The canine exercise area is our spacious enclosed yard at the rear of the hospital, so no need to worry about your pet being bothered by stray animals, or nervous about being walked next to a busy street.

    Feline guests are given fresh food, freshwater, and a clean litter box at least twice daily.  Our feline boarding area is quiet, spacious, and separate from canine guests.

    If your dog or cat is on a special diet, or if you simply prefer your pet to be provided only his/her regular diet, bring the special diet with your pet, and we will happily feed it to your pet at no extra charge!  

    Exotics, such as birds or pocket pets, are cared for according to the owner's specific instructions.

    We NEVER use newsprint bedding --all bedding for dogs and cats consists of thick clean fluffy towels and fleeces, to ensure your pet has a warm, cozy, soft "nest."  You are welcome to bring a toy or a small bedding item (such as a t-shirt) to provide a little piece of home for your pet.

    Next time you go out of town, board your pet with us, and see how spoiled we can make him! Reservations well in advance are strongly recommended for all holiday weekends. 

    Is your pet not yet a patient of ours, but you want to try us out? Schedule a brief "get-acquainted" examination with one of our doctors; after our get-acquainted visit, your pet is welcome to board with us!

    If Mother Nature knocks out the power during a Thunderstorm or Ice Storm, We are prepared with our Backup Power Plant. Your pets will remain comfortable and safe!  

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