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    We are your best option for mulching, period.  We serve a wide variety of clients - from small to big projects and private to commercial.  We provide no-haul off mulching using newer model Lamtrac machines with 170 HP Cummins Diesel engines, 74" Cimaf horizontal drum heads and hardened steel knives.  This translates the perfect size and maximum horsepower for selective mulching.  With us you get double what you'll get out of most companies at almost the same price.  We get down to dirt level, providing you a better result than disc mulchers, brush cutters and bush hogs.  We also bring a bucket, for free, to ensure we can tackle the little extras you might throw at us.

    Land Owners - We clear new property to your specs, or just help you reclaim your land.  Once we finish you'll have full access and use!

    Agents & Developers - creating access, tidying up the property and opening up a homesite adds to value and helps your customer with vision!  We are experts at curbside appeal!

    Commercial - as industry professionals, we know how to work as your vendor within the scope of a project while providing support and commercial payment terms.  We can also function as the GC to a larger ground-related aspect of your project.

    You don't need to pay for a quote - because we have been doing this for so long, and in so many places, site visits are only necessary for large or unique jobs.  We'll only need the address or a dropped pin along with some questions answered.  8 of 10 people who have a five-minute conversation or more with us end up booking us.

    Our pricing works best - we'll talk by phone, "walk" through the project with you, then we'll give you an estimate based on simple daily pricing.  Don't waste money with all the complicated pricing structures that our competitors have - they are not designed to benefit you as the client!

    Your project is secure - we put everything in writing to give you confidence that you know what you're getting for your money.

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