Cinch Straps, Assorted 9 Pack(6“/9”/12“) Super-Stretch Storage Straps Fit House, Garage, Workshop, Boat, Car Organization


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    • Cinch straps are made of nylon and super-stretch elastic hooks and loops.
    • Super strength and adjustable allowing you to precisely wrap and bundle everything item/ reducing extension cord/ cables/ wires/ hoses and fishing rods/ camera stand/ skateboards and golf clubs tangles and confusion.
    • Multiple straps can be combined together to extend the length. Each reusable cinch straps has a perfectly designed triangular tongue piece which can quickly and easily pass through the buckle from the bottom of the buckle ring and then back onto itself for a secure hold.
    • Hook and loop straps for secure attachment and additional grip surface to ensure that the cargo is stable. They are very suitable for storage and organization in houses/ yards/ garages/ workshops/ storage sheds/ cars/ ships and bicycles and get organized!
    • Includes three 6 inch straps three 9 inch straps and three 12 inch straps. The combination of multiple styles makes them ideal storage straps for indoor and outdoor use.



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