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Cement Grout G-Grout UF-9 - 200 Pieces


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    G-GROUT UF-9 is professional grade material that used as crack injection grout powder. It has finer particle size. It is produced in well known manufacturing plant in a controlled environment resulting in consistent quality. It is manufactured by unique particle size distribution technique to enable finest particle size for application.
    · Defects on building masonry or pavement.
    · Filling the void between the lining and rock face in tunnel work.
    · Injection grouting of joints in masonry structures, restoration of heritage structures,

       dams, etc.
    · G-GROUT UF-9 can be injected with standard cement grouting equipment
    · Compatible with most of the admixtures to accelerate / retard the setting time
    · Supports all portions of structures
    · Fill up the voids in concrete structure, control or prevent the structure from leakage or     

      weak structures to strengthen
    · Non-toxic, Non-Hazards
    · Eco friendly
    · Benefit in cost.
    G-GROUT UF-9 when stored correctly has an indefinite shelf life. Like cement, it must be protected from contamination and moisture. The product can be stored in bulk in a clean, dry storage silo.
    Extensive testing has shown G-GROUT UF-9 to be non-toxic and environmentally benign. No known significant health risks are associated with G-GROUT UF-9 but high concentrations of dust may cause irritation. It is recommended that suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection is worn. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice


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