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Casitas In San Antonio


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    When your family or friends come for a visit you may struggle with where they are going to stay. Extra space becomes a problem and often family members have to make sacrifices to accommodate your guests. A casita is the perfect solution for housing your guests. We has been outfitting and building these small homes for a long time. They can help you realize the benefits of adding one to your property.


    Casitas are a Popular Choice for Many Reasons 

    • They provide the extra space so you have place to house your guests for their stay.
    • A casita can give the privacy that guests come to expect while they are traveling.
    • It adds value to your home. Buyers are willing to pay more for special guest areas.
    • A casita can have an open-air area for guest to enjoy. You can design and outfit the area for a specific theme or furnish it to meets the need of your family.
    • They can be used by many people. They can house college students, family, friends, be used as a mother-in-law suite, studio, and even a craft room.
    • Because of their small size, it can be built in just about any area. Homeowners with a small lot can have one built in the smallest of areas.

    We are the right choice to help you with your casita design. We can help you through the process by providing you with guidance in choosing a design. We also can help you furnish the space with the best furniture that is perfectly designed for such a living space. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our customer service representatives are fully trained and ready to answer all of your questions today.

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