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Cashewnut Butter - 15 Kg


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    Dry roasted Cashews blend beautifully with organic jaggery powder and little bit of coconut oil & pink salt in our in-house nut mill,  make a delicious nutty butter. A natural preservative-free option – without any of the additives, that are often found in commercial nut butters.  Scrumptious freshly ground Cashew butter is delicious as a spread or can be added to savoury dishes, desserts and yummy baked goods.
    • Rich source of good nutrients.
    • Helps in keeping blood pressure in check.
    • Maintains heart health.
    How to use
    • This preservative-free cashew butter is an absolutely yummy spread on its own or with classics like honey, dates, jam or smashed banana.
    • Love it in wraps, on crackers or with crusty bread.
    •  Nut butter is also a scrumptious addition to home-baked cookies, muffins and slices, or in raw food treats – great for energy balls, muesli bars and vegan chocolate.
    • Organic cashewnuts, jiggery powder, pink salt and little amount of coconut oil.
    • Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration recommended during warm climates.


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