Car Wash, Door Jams Wiped Service in Danbury

Car Wash, Door Jams Wiped Service in Danbury


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    Door jams can be a bit tricky, since there are many small crevices and hard-to-reach areas. To really get into all those different nooks and crannies, auto detailers will use one or maybe even a couple detailing brushes. Once the door jamb has been properly cleaned, rinsed, and dried, auto detailers can also add a final coating of spray-on wax or other product to give door jambs a truly spectacular shine

    Car Wash, Door Jams Wiped Service Includes

    • Exterior Wash
    • Undercarriage Wash
    • Clear Coat Conditioner
    • Triple Foam Polish
    • Wheel Brite
    • Tire Shine
    • Dash & Console Wiped
    • Vacuum
    • Windows Cleaned
    • Towel Dry

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